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Eau de Parfum de Moea

Alcohol-free formula

Symbiose Eau de Parfum is the pure in temporal and stimulating organic fragrance by Moea. A bouquet finely crafted down to reveal the fresh green, citrus and exotic wood, like a specially-made essential treasured composition.  Essence of sweet marjoram from Egypt with its green notes and with a rare duo synergy of Bergamot from the Reggio di Calabria region of Italy with its citrus notes and Brazilian Rosewood with transformative and vibrant aromas. Symbiose is an extraordinary spirit-lifting fragrance, because it succeeds in being tangy and delightful while holding an original olfactory signature. Pleasing and harmonious. This is a composition that unites the frequencies, transforming sweet green, citrus and wood into a radiant and splendid mysterious ensemble. Symbiose invents a connective fragrant, this is unprecedented. The Symbiose bottle is as round and handling as its fragrance. Taking up the smooth circular patterns inspired by the flora of the signature scent created by Moea Neuville, it is vivid and colorful, like multidimensional energetic rays dancing with the person.



Symbiose is an exceptional fragrance because it succeeds in the state of being an original signature that easily appeals. Aromatic without being too heavy. It is a true organic essential oils* composition that brings inclusivity, that makes iconic tropical green, citrus and wood notes into a harmonizing, splendid and mysterious ensemble. Symbiose creates a fragrance that speaks to the soul. 

*Certified sourced from organic farming.



SWEET MARJORAM EGYPT ESSENCE Grown since millennia in the Egyptian country, flowering sweet marjoram plants are steam distilled to obtain the pure organic essential oils. Organic essential oils are used by few perfumers as synthetic chemical fragrances are predominant these days. Sweet marjoram blends well with a variety of green, citrus and wood notes, bringing culture, elegance and serenity. Its array of therapeutic properties is released at the top notes of Symbiose.

BERGAMOT is produced in the Reggio di Calabria region of Italy, the rind of fruit is cold pressed then distilled. The Bergamot essential oil works as an amplifier of light energy, energizing and magnifying, opening the heart to cosmic joy. Its fruits are expressed in the top notes of Symbiose.

ROSEWOOD BRAZIL BOIS DE ROSE Originally from the South American rainforest tree , only sustainable sources are allowed to be harvested. Its wood has a well-known aroma similar to the rose flower. It is one of the precious components of the heart notes of Symbiose.


For an intense and enhanced ritual Apply BLISS Crème de Beauté velvet cream.

Spray Symbiose Eau de Parfum on pulse points. 

For Adults.

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