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Tooth Powder

Whitening Teeth Active Charcoal

Tooth Powder whitening tooth active charcoal the essential oral treatment with minerals, you’ll soon be astonished with its action. Its compact design is as ergonomic as useful, a necessary powder for buccal hygiene from Zealandia Organics. To have with you when you want it.

With the Tooth Powder whitening tooth active charcoal is a must-have tooth powder formula in a travel-friendly size: multi-purpose whitening and mineralising properties to clean and remove toxins of the mouth. Its fresh minty aroma and light powdery texture delivers a pleasing powder feel.

Above its properties to remove stains and toxins, the Tooth Powder whitening tooth active charcoal is an object of desire: its natural formula is preserved in an amber glass container with a matte noir elegant lid. This is a composition that joins the necessary and the agreeable, with tropical activated coconut charcoal as well as the botanical mint essence and compounds that enables the absorption of toxins combined with a ultra mineralising cleansing of the teeth with antibacterial properties, these ray’s of natural ingredients fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.
Tooth Powder whitening tooth active charcoal can be carried conveniently in any bag and is easy to use and apply for adults only.


Aids to remove toxins from the mouth and has antibacterial properties.
Support tooth stains removal.


Sodium bentonite argilla (BENTONITE), Modo gallico argilla (FRENCH CLAY), Cocos nucifera charcoal*(ACTIVATED COCONUT CHARCOAL), Sodium hydrogen carbonate (BICARBONATE SODA). Essential oil of Mentha spicata*(SPEARMINT). *Organic Certified sourced from organic farming methods.


Add a little powder on the toothbrush and start oral cleaning. Not intended to be swallowed.
Tooth Powder Whitening Teeth Active Charcoal is slightly abrasive,  it is advised to alternate its uses with other non abrasive dental products.
For adults only.


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