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Soothing and Hydrating

REFRESH Toner, the Zealandia Organics beauty essential you’ll soon be unable to go without. Its compact design is as ergonomic as useful, a must-have to help soothe the skin from Zealandia Organics. To have it with you when you want it.
With the REFRESH Toner, Zealandia Organics creates the necessary spray moisturizer in a travel-friendly size: multi-purpose hydrating and soothing properties to appease and refresh the skin at any time. Its reinvigorating native, floral and fresh minty aromas deliver a pleasing relaxing feel.
Above its refreshing properties to assist cooling down and relieve sunburnt, the REFRESH Toner is an object of desire: its natural formula is preserved in an amber glass bottle with a easy handling mist white spray lid.
This is a composition that joins the necessary and the agreeable, with native Manuka as well as Geranium and Lavendula botanical organic essential oils and compounds that are soothing inflammation and skin irritation with antibacterial properties, these ray’s of natural ingredients fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.
REFRESH Toner soothing and hydrating can be carried conveniently in any bag and is easy to use and apply.


Multi-purpose refreshing toner and soothing properties to hydrate the skin. Assist to cool down the skin, help for sunburn and eczema.


The formula for Zealandia Organics’ REFRESH Toner is concentrated with super soothing essential oils. The botanicals in the REFRESH Toner have been selected for their multi-purposes soothing, assisting healing properties and gentler on the skin with pure distilled water. 100mL

Organic Formulation

Aqua (PURE DISTILLED WATER 0 PPM). Essential oils: Lavendula burnati (LAVENDIN), Eucalyptus radiata (EUCALYPTUS), Pelargonium graveolens (GERANIUM), Mentha spicata (SPEARMINT), Leptospernum scoparium (MANUKA).


Before first used test patch.
Close your eyes before spraying on the body to hydrate your skin. Apply on the skin to cool down, suitable for sunburn and eczema to assist the skin to heal. Can be used as a natural deodorant. Suitable for Adults and Children from 5 years old.


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Weight 205 g
Dimensions 50 × 150 mm